Range and Wildlife Habitat Management

Managing timberland for livestock range and timber production.

Range management

There are management strategies and practices that can greatly influence the value of timberland for cattle range and wildlife habitat.  We work with numerous landowners who have these goals in mind.

Range quality is very important to landowners who want to manage their property for cattle as well as timber production. One approach is to designate part of the property as timberland and part as cattle range, or improved pasture.

deerAnother approach is to grow trees on all or most of the property, but in a way in which quality range is being provided also. Thinning, combined with prescribed burning, can be a very important part of this type of management. By opening the crown canopy, light is allowed to hit the forest floor encouraging the growth of grasses and herbaceous weeds. Prescribed burning removes the older vegetation, temporarily increases the nutrient levels in the soil, and encourages new succulent growth which is higher in protein. A stand can be thinned multiple times and burned every one to three years until it is finally cut and replanted.