Timber Management Services

We offer comprehensive timber management services designed to meet the landowner’s needs.

We provide expert technical advice concerning the management of timber. This would include things such as when to harvest timber; reforestation methods such as what type of site preparation to use, what herbicide(s) to use and how to apply them, and what species of tree to plant; what mid-rotation practices should be considered such as thinning, herbicide application, fertilizer application, controlled burning, or pine straw harvesting.

  • Clearcut Timber Sales - The clearcut sale is the financial culmination of management practices and the goal is to get the best possible price.  We work with landowners to plan and market timber sales in a way designed to do just that.
  • Mapping and Inventory - Timely and accurate timber type maps, volume estimates, and appraisals are often needed when acquiring or financing timberland, planning timber sales, or when making management decisions. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in GIS mapping. Timber estimating is taken extremely seriously from the collection of field data and the application of volume and weight equations, to the reporting format.
  • Forest Management Plans - We prepare numerous Forest Stewardship Plans for landowners who wish to enroll in the Stewardship Program and would like documented management recommendations for their property.
  • Thinnings – We take great pride in our thinning jobs.  Marking is always done to predetermine which trees will be cut to insure professional selection.  We guarantee the quality of the job while getting the greatest possible price for the timber that is removed.
  • Contract Timber Marking - We do a lot of marking, not only on our own thinning sales, but also on a contract basis for public agencies and other companies.
  • Prescribed Burning - We are one of the very few forestry companies in the state who still do licensed and insured prescribed understory burning. We only burn during the winter dormant season, and unfortunately the days that are ideal for burning can be severely limited.
  • Reforestation – As part of providing comprehensive management, we provide expert advice and supervise reforestation projects following clearcut timber sales.  We want to make this transition as painless as possible for the landowner.
  • Range and Wildlife Habitat Management - There are management strategies and practices that can greatly influence the value of timberland for cattle range and wildlife habitat. We work with numerous landowners who have these goals in mind.
  • Expert Witness and Damage Assessment - We are experienced at providing timber damage assessments associated with timber trespass and other forms of casualty loss. We are also experienced at providing expert witness testimony for hearings and trial cases.